#ACEs Recovery at Connie's House

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Welcome to mental health education and homeless recovery training at Connie's House! Our studies begin with an introduction to the global health crisis that is deeply rooted in adverse childhood experiences. (#ACEs)

Have you heard of the #ACEs study that was conducted by Kaiser-Permanente in the late 90's? Do you have an #ACEs score? If you do have an #ACEs score, what steps are you currently taking to overcome the emotional turmoil that is typically associated with unresolved trauma related to childhood adversity?

Are you courageous enough to unmask the signs and symptoms of childhood gone wrong? We invite you to join us for the many facets of mental health and homeless recovery training that is available at God's Grace Notes.

I'm Connie, your mental health educator and host for The Kataluma Adventure.

Our quest begins with the story of the mental health train wreck that led me to homelessness, and eventually became known as The Kataluma Adventure at Connie's House. 

Our objective is to show you how we can work together to help create courageous, self-healing communities that are securely anchored in hope for our collective bright future!!!

As you can imagine, we have much to talk about, so welcome to our (sometimes awkward) conversations about childhood adversity and homeless recovery. 

Let's get started...


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